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I take great pride in, and have been perfecting the art of fudge making for over 20 years and shipping nationwide to the most wonderful customers since 2008.

** My current special when you buy today is a special promotion of “buy 3 items, get 1 free”.

For buying 3 and getting 1 free today,  you ALSO receive 1 of my legendary fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies AND 1 melt-in-your mouth praline, BOTH COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE to go along with your FREE FUDGE or Baked Item of choice.

Easy instructions to make sure you get the full discount:

  1. Add four items to the cart, one will automatically be marked free and you now also get a free oven-soft chocolate chip cookie and a free praline.
  2. Shipping is FREE, Fast, and I have one-click, secure ordering using mobile friendly PayPal so no time filling out forms 🙂 (Although, Credit/Debit is also available if you prefer)
  3. Please enjoy your goodies and please tell your friends and family about your experience!

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